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I have to admit I’ve been scared to death to switch my blog from www.infobaseventures.com/blog/ where I’ve been blogging for more than 2 years, to www.paulallen.net, a domain that a friend recently gave to me.

I’ve been afraid for many reasons. I thought I’d lose all my web site traffic. I’ve had an Alexa ranking in the 20,000-30,000 range, and I figured that when I turned on a new site somehow I would lose much of that traffic.

My Infobase Ventures web site ranked #5 in Google for the phrase “paul allen”, which means a lot to me, even though I am but Paul Allen the Lesser. “Paul Allen” is a popular search term thanks to the Microsoft Paul Allen, and I like the free web traffic I get from this.

I had a few other high keyword rankings as well (including #1 on “parallel entrepreneur”) and didn’t want to lose any of them.
My technical team assured me that using redirects that are Google friendly, that somehow I wouldn’t lose all my rankings or my web site traffic. I asked them to do more research on this. They keep reassuring me that it would be okay. I kept doubting them.
So a couple weeks ago they flipped the switch. I haven’t blogged since, till today, partly because I couldn’t find my new site login 🙂 and partly because I’ve been way too busy with all the projects at Provo Labs and LDS Media.

But today I decided to check things out and guess what I found? My www.paulallen.net page now ranks #5 on Google for “paul allen” and my Alexa ranking for my new blog site is about as high as my old one used to be.

I think the redirects actually worked. I’d like the technical folks who pulled this off to blog about exactly how they did it and then comment on this post so that others can benefit from learning how to switch URLs correctly.

I don’t appear to have page rank yet on Google, but that doesn’t bother me nearly as much as if I had lost most of my traffic. I’ll let you know when the Page Rank shows up.

So I’m greatly relieved and plan to start blogging regularly once again. Thanks Blake, Mike, and Jordy!

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  1. Paul,

    I have used server redirects before, and they work like a charm. They basically tell Google that your page has moved, but that the content is (approximately) the same. Google likes them because having access to the server means you are less likely to be a spammer, and all Google has to do is compare its cached copy of your site with the new copy it finds after being redirected. If the two pages have much of the same content and focus, Google is satisfied and your traffic and rankings pretty much transfer over.

    By the way, congratulations on getting your real name as a domain name. I really like your new site apppearance, too. Very slick.

  2. Ali

    Dear Paul Allen

    I am a serial inventor and first time visitor to your Blog. I read about your efforts to use business and enterprise establishment for improving living conditions around the world. In fact this is the only way. There are many urgent problems around the world but big organzations and corporate companies take too much to act. An intenet approach such as yours wil accelerate the process. Please allow me to give some background info about myself.

    I am an researcher from Somalia working on a number of inventions designed for sustainable development which has a potential global market.

    Over the past century inventions have helped solve many of the problems for people in Europe and America in health, transportation, food, water etc. Why not Africa and developing countries ? This is the question that started a long expedition for me . Please allow me to give some background info about my work. Also the world is facing many challanges in the above areas and multiple inventions are required for this purpose.

    My plan has been to work on a number of important ideas at concept stage and then search for support at one time instead of working on one invention from concept to business formation level. This is because inventors specialize on formulating concepts. Yoru own business approach of paralell businesses is suitable for this purpose.

    The inventions I am working on are based on well tested natural concepts such as electrical resonance on which many natural systems operate for energy generation, transmission and utilization. The concept therefore has high efficiency and can be applied for different situations such as hydrogen generation from water using solar energy resonance instead of electrolysis, cell phone antennas and even artifiial photosythesis for food production and fighting hunger with more R&D. The concept results from energy build up when energy waves combine at certain frequencies. Also I have recently filed at the UK Patent Office an invention dealing with a resonance motor which can solve acceleration problems in battery operated electric vehicles for better urban driving among other advantages.

    I have a long story with inventions starting in UK a where I studied engineering in the 80s and then moved back to Ethiopia and Somalia to work on methods of solving the energy and clean water problems facing many developing countries. I am working on a desalination invention which uses laser/solar energy for high steam generation from seawater for clean water to help solve the water born diseases due to water shortages. I already have a UK patent on this desalination system and can provide more details.

    We hope to use the solar resonance invention to operate the laser unit for desalination. The invention therefor offers a cheaper way of seawater desalination which is currently too expensive for many developing countries.

    Direct exposure to the problems has been very useful for idea formation and I have enjoyed the challenge over the past fifteen years.

    Having found some of the solutions I now find myself outside the tech development areas of USA and Europe. The inventions are a result of this personal expedition in Africa . To be honest with you I need your assitance because I have spent many years on the inventions.

    For sustainable development we need advanced suitable technologies based on nature not appropriate or low tech industries. These approach is also necessary for designing the next generation of technologies and therefore have considerable business potential.

    Can you please help?

    Thank you and regards

    Ali Liban

  3. dear paul….i have a letter written to you with a flyer about my book and cd companion project, The New Adventures of Cherry Star. It’s a book for girls ages 7-10 with computer activities to appeal to girls and motivate them to use technology at an earlier age.I read about your work with Rockett and Purple moon. Can i please get a mailing address for you. Or would you prefer i send these docs over email…i just want some networking help to find a publisher sympathetic with girls and their tech issues. thank you for your time…hope you get this …cecelia

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