Shutterfly IPO?

While living in Silicon Valley in 1999-2000 and because was in the photo-sharing space, I had the privilege of meeting with key people at most of the early photo-sharing sites. I remember one meeting in our Howard Street office with some folks from Lots of companies wanted to partner with because we had millions of photos (in private family websites) and they had ways of getting those photos into prints, calendars, mugs, and other products.)

Geek Dinner Thursday Night

Phil Burns' DevUtah is putting on another Geek Dinner Thursday night, this time at Tucano's with a movie afterwards. Click here to learn more and RSVP (and add your name to the Wiki). We've got tons of talent in Utah. There is no question about that. The best way for us to become more like Silicon Vally (in good ways) is to have tons of networking events like this, where talented people with great ideas can start working on the new, new thing.