Blog Promotes Mitt Romney in 2008

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I recently found a great blog promoting Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate for 2008. Mitt and his team saved the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympics from financial disaster. As Governor of Massachusetts he has not only helped the state go from major deficits to a budget surplus, but he is vigiliant about helping the state stay out of the red. He vetoed $290 million in spending just this past week. I wonder what he, as a brilliant investor and business strategist — a turn-around artist really — might be able to do for the United States with its ominous $8.4 trillion debt. That would be fun to watch.

My guess is that if Romney were elected President and had a line-item veto (President Bush called for a line item veto last week in his radio address), he would use it effectively and in no time get our national spending in line with our income. I can’t imagine any other president could do as much to reduce our national debt as Mitt Romney, given his amazing background in business, and his desire to be of public service in the tradition of his father.

(Hey, I just realized how fun a Mitt Romney vs. Bill Gates presidential election would be. It would be so much more interesting than John McCain vs. Hilary Clinton! And I understand Gates might just be available in 2008 …)

According to Wikipedia, all but 7 state governors have a line-item veto.

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5 Responses

  1. While a line item veto may be a wonderful thing, and Gov. Romney may be so immune from the political realities needed to get things done that he has the guts to actually exercise it, I believe the result will not be nearly as dramatic as you suggest.

    Line item vetoes are only applied to discretionary spending. Between our massive interest obligations and other mandatory spending, not to mention the cost of Bush’s war (both in continuing to wage it and in caring for the veterans who return), only a very small portion of the budget can be attacked this way. Few governers have to deal with massive debt service, and none of them is financing the war in Iraq and the other defense costs that are unlikely to face the line item pen.

    Now, if I were convinced that Gov Romney would join the reality-based community and promise real fiscal reform, complete with the tax increases and/or repeal of previous tax cuts that are necessary to bring our budget back into balance, I’d have some confidence that he could make a difference.

  2. Jeff Davis

    Paul, I’ve been following this blog for several months now and it is quite good. The side note that I would like to add is the lady that is doing the blog is facing some pretty serious challenges at home with the health of some of her family members. You can read more about it on earlier posts on the Mitt blog

  3. Ann Marie Curling

    Thank You so much for promoting my blog, it’s very much appreciated.

    Lets “Elect Romney in 2008”!

    Ann Marie Curling

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