Shutterfly IPO?

While living in Silicon Valley in 1999-2000 and because was in the photo-sharing space, I had the privilege of meeting with key people at most of the early photo-sharing sites. I remember one meeting in our Howard Street office with some folks from Lots of companies wanted to partner with because we had millions of photos (in private family websites) and they had ways of getting those photos into prints, calendars, mugs, and other products.)

Geek Dinner Thursday Night

Phil Burns' DevUtah is putting on another Geek Dinner Thursday night, this time at Tucano's with a movie afterwards. Click here to learn more and RSVP (and add your name to the Wiki). We've got tons of talent in Utah. There is no question about that. The best way for us to become more like Silicon Vally (in good ways) is to have tons of networking events like this, where talented people with great ideas can start working on the new, new thing.

MarketingSherpa Readers Choosing Best Blogs and Podcasts

My favorite content for internet marketers comes from MarketingSherpa. They publish incredibly valuable case studies. Their reporters interview the top marketers who reveal their secrets to success. I am a huge fan of Anne Holland and her wonderful team at MarketingSherpa. I sent three people to the Subscription Summit last month, and I buy quite a few of their reports, so I support them financially too.

Entrepreneur Brainstorm Lunch

13 impressive entrepreneurs showed up for our Provo Labs Entrepreneur Brainstorm Lunch today. It was well worth it. Some of the entrepreneurs were seeking funding and needed ideas about who to talk to. Several good suggestions were made. Another entrepreneur with a good retail business idea is looking to recruit some management. A software company that just received significant funding from NSF needs a product manager.

Famous Bloggers from History

Have you ever wondered what Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson might say if they were alive today? Some of the great, wise leaders of the past are slowly being forgotten as their words get overshadowed by the proliferation of words in books, magazines and web sites, and as popular culture renders these figures less than heroic or overlooks them entirely.

Entrepreneur Brainstorm Lunch on Thursday in Provo

We are restarting the Entrepreneur Brainstorm lunches again. Next one will be Thursday, June 22nd, at noon. The first 15 entrepreneurs to sign up will be invited to join me for lunch at a local restaurant. (Everyone pays their own way.) The format is informal. Each of us will introduce ourself and our business to the group and share with the group our biggest challenge or issue. Then the group will brainstorm with us to try to find solutions or possible answers to help us with our problem.