Laptop Blogging

So one reason I haven't blogged much lately is that I'm on the go all the time, I hardly ever sit at my desktop computer to do email (since I do it almost all on my blackberry) and I'm using my laptop more and more. For months I have been unable to blog from my laptop, due to some WordPress error -- I've needed to "enable sending referrers" but couldn't on my laptop for some reason. But WordPress 2.0.3 solves this problem, so I can once again blog from my laptop. Next, I'd like to be able to blog from my blackberry (by sending an email to WordPress.) Blake: can you help me with that next?

Top Writers Move to Startups

I thought it was interesting to learn on the same day that both Robert Scoble, the pre-eminent Microsoft blogger, and Om Malik, the top writer at Business 2.0, were leaving their positions to join startup companies.

Coming Soon…

A million things have gotten in the way of my blogging during the last month. But I haven't completely disappeared. I'm working on some lengthy and thoughtful posts about subscription business models, company culture, web site usability (and how overlooked it is), building community online, an update on Provo Labs incubator portfolio, and more. I have several in draft mode right now.