22% of online advertisers also doing mobile marketing

I found this a little hard to believe--both the percentage of companies supposedly doing mobile marketing and also the overall advertising budget for mobile marketing. From MarketingVOX:
A study this month from JupiterResearch found 22 percent of companies advertising online also are doing mobile marketing. Overall, the study predicted, mobile ad spending would more than double - from an anticipated $1.4 billion this year to $2.9 billion in 2011.

Pay Per Click Marketing Credits: $50 from Ask.com, $300 from LookSmart

My most popular post in the past six months was the one last week about getting a $200 in pay-per-click advertising credit from MSN.com if you sign up for a new account (which costs $5.) I had record traffic numbers for three days. So, being the fast learner that I am, I figure that I should give my readers more of what they want. So I'll keep looking for money-saving offers and credits from online advertisers who want more business.