Google Reader for Blackberry

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In my opinion, one of the most important things you can do to succeed in your chosen profession, is to invest time and effort into selecting the best blogs and news feeds in the world that will connect you with the thought leaders in your field. I agree with Tim Sanders that 80% of your time learning should be with the best books (source: Love is the Killer App), but then the 20% that is spent with media or online to stay current with breaking news and thought, should be the best sources anywhere.

When I taught internet marketing at BYU, I told the students that most of what I would teach them would be obsolete within months or years, but that if they learned how to find the most authoritative and helpful sources of new content, and develop a habit of studying that content regularly, that they could be world class marketers. Most people, I have found, do not invest the time upfront to create the flow of information that will help them the most.

I have been a huge fan of Google Reader for more than a year now, but several times I’ve looked for a download of Google Reader for the Blackberry, similar to what I downloaded for Google News.

But today, thankfully, I came across a blog post that simply says the mobile version of Google Reader is accessed simply by visiting www.google.com/reader/m/view.

I have a much better chance of staying current with my favorite feeds now that I have found this URL. It is now my #1 bookmark in my Google web browser.

Already this morning while walking around the house getting ready for work, I read a clip about Boston-based Eons.com (a social networking site for people over 50 that has raised more than $30 million in venture capital) laying off 1/3 to 1/2 of its staff (and possibly ditching the obits section), and a report by Leland Meitzler of last nights UGA Conference banquet — stuff I might have missed since I spend so little time at my desktop these days. I do almost all of my email on my blackberry, and now, I think, the vast majority of my Google Reader time will be on my blackberry.

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  1. I prefer Viigo to the web based version, especially now that Viigo pulls down all the Google Reader feeds for you (doesn’t sync both ways, but does a great job syncing your Reader feeds to Viigo).


  2. It is certainly nice to have a mobile-ready Google Reader, but the default page is just useless for a power user. I have twenty or more *folders* with a dozen feeds in each one. What’s really nice is the “subscription” view that shows all of your feeds and how many new items are in each folder. Use the following address for that view:


  3. I was looking for an offline google reader so while googling for it i stumbled across this page. Thanks for the URL.

    But the interface is a little unwieldy and hell on my dataplan. For now, I’ll stick with the (free) Viigo personal (http://virtualreach.com/prvper.htm ) which i found a while ago.

    Small app, more than decent interface, and once you get used to the keyboard shortcuts you’ll be zooming through your feeds. I wish google would do one; I love their google maps on my 8800 (also hell on my dataplan)

  4. Austin

    While the mobile web based version of reader is good, a downloadable application (similar to what they have for gmail) would be killer.

    Also, while I think it was a great improvement when they allowed you to increase the number of headlines from 10 to 20 (through settings link at the bottom) I wish they had an option so that clicking on the headline took you directly to the source article instead of the summary page.

    They just came out with a downloadable reader app for iPhone, so I remain hopeful.

  5. Thats all well and good, BUT try reading your daily blogs on your way to work on the SUBWAY. (no signal, read-ey). Also the mobile page’s interface is not very clean. Google definitely needs to develop a stand alone app rather than a “launcher”.

  6. Jeff

    Google’s web based reader on the BB is nice, but I want to use my browser for, well… browsing. Viigo was mentioned earlier, but I really miss the BB version of Newsgator.

    The good news is OPML makes your feeds portable regardless. That makes it easy to continue to search for my perfect reader.

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