“Let us, before we die, gather up our heritage, and offer it to our children”

A couple of weeks ago my brother-in-law, who lives in Washington, DC, told me he was reading the multi-volume world history by Will & Ariel Durrant called “The Story of Civilization.” I was impressed. I have always wanted to read this series but haven’t yet done it. So I ordered a used set on Amazon and they arrived earlier this week. I started reading volume 1 last night. The first chapter in volume 1 is...
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What Virtual Goods Buyers Buy

Virtual goods buyers (Credit: Playspan) via news.cnet.com I hadn’t seen this report from September. The most popular thing for online gamers to buy is virtual currency followed by weapons, wearables, subscription codes, power-ups, virtual gifts, and maps/levels. Posted via web from Paul’s posterous

Ancestry subscribers stick around for 17 years — LOL — a big oops for MadMoney

Ancestry.com, which will trade under the ticker symbol ACOM, runs a subscription-based genealogy site. The company digs through billions of historical records to help subscribers name the branches on their respective family trees. While the venture may seem boring to the younger social-media set, a million people are willing to pay for the service. And still more are signing up. Subscriptions are growing at a rate of 11%, with an average monthly fee of $16.50....
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Jim Cramer discussed Ancestry.com on Mad Money

But why the heck would you want to buy it?… I mean the flipper guys like it… the investors like it… what are they seeing?… I will tell you what they are seeing… first of all I bet many of you would never even consider going to a website that lets you identify and search thru your family tree… I mean this company may seem like many of the pointless .com IPO’s that have were...
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This Week: Ancestry IPO, FamilyLink goes viral, Navigating Facebook Platform changes

This week is going to be amazing. Possibly, the most interesting week of my career. I’ll explain. Ancestry.com is slated to go public on Wednesday. I always dreamed of being part of that IPO, but I’ve been out of the company (7 years) longer than I was in the company (6 years). But my excitement about watching a company I helped create trade on a public exchange is mounting. I cannot wait to see what...
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