What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Danny Ainge

Tuesday night the Boston Celtics won the NBA World Championship (4-2) by beating the Los Angelels Lakers by 39 points in game six at Boston Gardens.

The Celtics won only 24 games last year, but this year experienced the single biggest turnabout in NBA history, after Danny Ainge orchestrated two major trades last summer, bringing Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to Boston.

Danny Ainge is my favorite basketball player/coach/general manager of all time. While most people will agree with me that Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player in history, and it is popular to say, “I want to be like Mike,” personally, I’d rather be like Danny.


I love basketball. But my career pretty much ended in 9th grade when I was 5'2" tall and had glasses--and though a pretty good shooter, I got cut from my junior high basketball team. Finally I got my growth spurt, and was about 5'10" as a senior where I tried out for my high school team. I made first and second cuts, but was the final person cut from the team and I've never fully recovered.

Is Utah the best state in the nation for three-point shooting?

I admit to being a stats junkie. When I was five and first started following college basketball, back when Kresimir Cosic played for BYU (the first international all-American ever in US college basketball), I used to keep track of the stats on the page inside the program. I would circle a 1 every time someone made a free throw and a 2 whenever they made a field goal. I loved math and I loved BYU basketball.