The Amazon Kindle could dramatically improve US education

Today, Amazon announced the widely anticipated Kindle 2 with a ship date of February 24th. I immediately ordered one.  I bought my first Kindle in Dec 2007 and absolutely love it. As a frequent business traveller, I just bring my Kindle instead of packing half a dozen books with me. Usually I’ll buy a book or two just as I’m boarding a plane, so I can read for hours. I save a ton of money...
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My Amazon Kindle is almost here

Received from Amazon today:
"We now have estimated delivery dates for the Kindle order you placed on 12/17/07. We are now estimating that your Kindle will arrive between January 25 and February 1, 2008. We'll contact you again to let you know when your order is shipped."

Apple finally does a subscription model

I think this portends things to come in the music space. An all-you-can eat subscription is SO compelling. Yes, people want to "own" their music right now. But that will change. If you can "rent" all the music in the world for $9.95 per month, tens of millions of people will do it. We won't even think about "owning" vs "renting" in the future. Steve Jobs always attacks the subscription model. But he also said no one would watch video on a 3" screen. It's all part of his strategy to mislead the competition.
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