Today Only: $2,000 in Free Real Time Market Research

How much would you pay to be able to run an instant poll where you get responses to any question from 1,000 diverse people within about an hour? If you are an entrepreneur or marketer or business owner, you know that knowing what prospective customers think and need and want is essential. You need good, relevant, timely customer feedback in order to develop products and craft marketing campaigns that match what the customer is looking...
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What love songs did your parents love?

I am running a survey tonight on We’re Related (a family-oriented Facebook application with 17 million monthly users) to find out if people know the love songs their parents loved. Given our modern obsession with music, I find it interesting that only 7% of the respondents say they do. (See Survey Results) Come to think of it, I don’t know my parents’ favorite love songs, but now I want to. I do know one song...
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Does product loyalty run in families?

Last year, as’s product strategy and business model were becoming more clear, we realized again that in many ways, the family is the center of the economic universe. So many consumer purchases are really made within families. Think about the mortgage, the car payment, educational expenses, travel, health-related spending, consumer electronics, and gifts too. Most of our major and minor expenditures have something to do with family. As FamilyLink reaches more consumers each month...
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Music on cell phones

Last night I was told about a great site for buying cell phones online called So I checked it out and they do seem to have most phones and most carriers, so a lot more options than you typically see. They offer referral bonuses as well. My friend got a free Blackberry Pearl and loves it.

22% of online advertisers also doing mobile marketing

I found this a little hard to believe--both the percentage of companies supposedly doing mobile marketing and also the overall advertising budget for mobile marketing. From MarketingVOX:
A study this month from JupiterResearch found 22 percent of companies advertising online also are doing mobile marketing. Overall, the study predicted, mobile ad spending would more than double - from an anticipated $1.4 billion this year to $2.9 billion in 2011.