Utah Entrepreneurs Lead a Happy Life

Steve Gibson, whose license plate is MENTOR, is a successful business man who spends most of his time and resources giving back. He has backed some of the most successful startup companies in Utah. He teaches entrepreneurship at BYU. And he and his wife founded my favorite philanthopic organization, the Academy for Creating Enterprise, which trains entrepreneurs in the Philippines. He has faith in people and tries to help them succeed. He is one of my heroes.

The Power and Speed of “We The People”

Last week I blogged about how individuals and communities can solve problems faster and better than government agencies can:
We are Americans. This is a land of liberty and self-government. It's all about "we the people." We have never hired our central government to take care of all of our needs. We are a free people and a generous people. Our history is filled with examples of private individuals caring for one another through private charity, churches, and organizations. We can solve problems and create

Kuwait Pledges $500 Million

I just learned that Kuwait has offered $500 million in donations for Katrina disaster relief, following Qatar's pledge of $100 million. This is the best news I have seen so far, an amazing gesture from US allies in the Middle East (including the nation we we liberated from Iraq in 1991.) Other countries are also offering assistance. There is good in the world. This is a story that all our media should be reporting.

San Francisco 1906, New Orleans 2005

It's hard to think about anything these days but the thousands of people who perished in the hurricane and floods and the 1.5 million people who have been displaced whose lives are permanently disrupted. Today I've been inspired by reading an article written 99 years ago in the aftermath of the great San Francisco earthquake and fire. This was the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States up until that time. Please read this and pass it along, if you think it can give us some hope and a new perspective.

Donut Auction to Help Katrina Victims

This weeked government rescue efforts and private charity have kicked into high gear. It seems we have turned the corner in providing relief for the 1.5 million displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina. Donations to the Red Cross and to church-based relief efforts are in the millions. I saw first hand yesterday how generous people are here in Utah.

Raising Money for Non-Profits

In the past year I've been asked to help with fundraising for a local college, a private school, and a non-profit media company that is developing inspirational video footage of modern heroes to inspire young men and boys to become great. I have learned two things: non-profit fundraising is very difficult and I don't enjoy it at all. I don't mind asking people to invest money in a business opportunity that may deliver a positive return on investment; but asking people for donations to a cause is extremely difficult for me.

Providing Relief in Southeast Asia

I am deeply saddened by the devastation and loss of life from the earthquake and tsunami which struck southeast Asia on Sunday morning. The New York Times reports the death toll is more than 23,000 with one third being children. It is hard to think about anything else today. I just learned that a close friend left a Thailand resort with his wife and children just two days before it was wiped out by the tidal waves.