Google Gears

I didn't have time last week to make a big point about the announcement of Google Gears, an open source software project aimed at enabling online web services (such as Google Reader, an RSS client, and eventually all the other Google Apps) to work offline.

Quotes from Business Leaders

I just noticed that a fairly large selection of quotes from business leaders has been added to the wiki. The beauty of a Wiki project is that any individual can add content and make the Wiki grow and become a useful resource. I want to thank the person(s) who created this section and encourage others who have collected inspiring quotes from business leaders and entrepreneurs to add them to this growing collection.

Finding Angels and VCs

I think is one of the best ways to find angel investors in your area. With 3.5 million members, including many investors, this is a great service and a great way to get introduced through a mutual trusted acquaintance. But in addition to, I have found value in owning a copy of the 1998 Pratt's Guide to Venture Capital Sources, a 600+ page hard bound book that probably cost about $50. Of course, this edition is almost useless since it is so out of date. There are probably more current editions. sells a current database of venture firms on CD ROM for $299. It's much harder to find a directory of angel investors, and since they are many times more likely than VCs to fund your startup company, it can be frustrating if you are an entrepreneur looking for potential angel funding. Our solution? Let's all work together to create a free open-access

An Experiment in Open Source Business Ownership

I don't have time to blog today...I'm preparing to fly out for the AlwaysOn Network event at Stanford...but I got this email about a very cool "wisdom of the crowds" concept where a group of 2,500 or so individuals will build and manage a new business by voting on the plan, who to hire, products to create, how to market them, etc. It's really a wild notion. I hope some journalist will pick up on this, interview the creator, watch the creation of this business over time, and write some interesting story about it.

Searching for Open Source Code

When Jeff Bezos introduced Amazon's search engine's OpenSearch project, he mentioned I checked it out. claims to be the leading search engine for open source code. It's Alexa chart shows it is rapidly gaining in popularity. I think this will be a great resource for developers and entrepreneurs.

7 Reasons Google Will Rule the World

Once again Google surprised the street with much higher than expected earnings. The stock price has jumped $20 today to more than $210 per share and the market cap is almost $58 billion.

I will not be surprised to see consistent positive earnings surprises coming from Google for many years.

Acquisition Creates Blogging Powerhouse

Six Apart which produces the Moveable Type publishing system and TypePad blogging service raised $10 million in venture funds in October. Today it announced the purchase of LiveJournal, a blogging service built on open source that claims 2.5 million users. Together they have 6.5 million blogs, according to That seems way high, considering that Pew Research says about 8 million U.S. adults have a blog. (The vast majority of them only post once, however.)