New Employee Checklist

The primary purpose of this blog since Nov 2003 has been to discuss topics related to being an internet entrepreneur. But my own personal role has changed several times during these past 6 years, as I’ve been CEO of an internet marketing company (which was sold in June 05), head of an internet incubator (Provo Labs), and then since January 2007, I’ve been 100% focused on running (including its genealogy properties, WorldVitalRecords, GenealogyWise, and...
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A few years back, inspired by the book “Angel Investing,” we founded and started holding SpeedPitching events–two hour events where about ten entrepreneurs could have a few minutes at small tables with 2-3 investors. FundingUniverse SpeedPitching events have been successfully held in six states, and are held bi-monthly in Utah. They are very affordable for entrepreneurs and they are popular with angels and VCs because they get a little exposure to a lot of...
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Recruiting with Billboards

Several of the best Utah high-tech companies have billboards along the I-15 corridor from Provo to Salt Lake City that are focused on recruiting. I recall billboards from Omniture, Mozy, Property Solutions, The Generations Network, Orange Soda, and Doba. I’m sure there are others as well that I just don’t recall. I’m wondering if Move Networks has used billboards–but I can’t recall. Omniture can afford to creating an ongoing serious of recruiting billboards–most of them with...
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We have several open positions at, and I’ve decided to blog about them in hopes that it will increase our pool of potential candidates and educate potential candidates on our hiring process–particularly our use of trust networks to vet candidates.  If you are interested, or know someone who is, please refer them to our job listings at our corporate web site, or email paul AT As background, is the developer of We’re...
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Recruiting 2.0

Some people say that the most important role of a CEO is "resource allocation"--deciding how to spend company resources. But I remember as Amazon grew and brought in a seasoned COO, Jeff Bezos said he was grateful to be freed up from operations so that he could spend more time recruiting. Perhaps the most important role of a CEO is to bring the right people together to accomplish the company's mission.

$1500 referral reward for Utah software engineering job

Robert Merrill, a Utah technical recruiter, is offering a $1500 reward for the person who helps one of his clients hire the right SQL engineer. He is using, a site that is getting a ton of press lately, to manage the referrals and referral fee payments. When I signed up at the following message was generated which I am supposed to email to friends who qualify for the SQL engineer position: Hi - I recently heard from a friend who asked me to help them fill a job

Will Your Management Team Succeed?

I am totally disappointed today. I just learned that the UITA-sponsored Will West/Amy Lewis discussion today about management teams was a breakfast meeting. I marked September 1 on my calendar, but I thought it was a lunch meeting. Please, please, please, if anyone attended, can you send me your notes/impressions or blog about what they said? Will is the #1 fund-raising entrepreneur in the history of Utah. Amy is one of the most energizing speakers I have ever heard. I can't believe I missed this event.

Will West and Amy Lewis on Management Teams

Thanks to Ryan Money (Junto 2005), I got a copy of the handouts Will and Amy used in today's UITA breakfast.

Keys to Management Success - Will West, Control4

Hire right. In fact, hire people that are better than you are. If you don't you can't grow an exceptional organization. Do this right, and 80% of your job is done. Do this wrong, and you'll sink.

Be yourself. Don't try to be the manager you read in a book. Use those learningÂ?s to mold your approach, but don't try to become someone else. You aren't, and you probably won't do it well.

Create passion. Retention, extra hours, loyalty to the business, etc. are all easier when your management team believes in a vision. Help your team understand why you are going to change your little comer of the world.